The update

is there isn’t really an update.

I’m fat, cranky, uncomfortable and a bit more cranky (in case the post before last didn’t give you some insight).
I had a session of acupuncture today and he put in two needles to get everything going.
He said it wouldn’t start straight away but could help bring labour on in the next 24-48 hours.
Now don’t get me wrong.
I LOVE acupuncture.
I ADORE the guy I go to for acupuncture.
I find it hugely relaxing and effective.
But I have absolutely no belief whatsoever that I’m going into labour in the next day or so.
From there I went for my weekly midwife appointment.
The head is well down in my pelvis (nice, I know), not engaged, but it never is after the first pregnancy until you’re in labour. For those who were wondering.
Further down than last week.
She was all “well hopefully the really strong Braxton Hicks and the fact the head is lower is all a good sign”.
My next appt is Monday.
It was weird leaving saying “see you Monday if not before” but you know, Felix hung around for 10 days after my due date and Jasper for three, so I’m just accepting the bear with the sore head moody crankiness will be here for a few more days.
That and the fact I now have swelling now going up my legs and arms with gloriously fat toes, cankles and fingers.
That my entire left hand is numb and the chronic pins and needles in my fingers on both hands is permanent and has been for weeks.
And so on and so forth.
Whinge whinge whinge.
Don’t worry, there is an undercurrent of excitement and wonder at the fact we will soon have another little sprogget in the house.
The cot is set up, a new mattress bought and it all made up.
A bag is packed. Sort of.
It’s just when I am facing five nights of doing the school pick-up, homework, dinner, bath and bedtime for three kids on my own and all of the above, it is the pregnant crank who is a whole lot louder than the quietly excited earth mother.

Sorry ’bout that.