The Best

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was a TV cooking program that came out of the BBC in the UK.

They’re now doing an Australian version, which going from the promos just looks highly irritating, and MY GOD we’re in Code Red for bloat alert for Darren Simpson and from the recipes on the site it looks like its going to be a real fizzer.

The UK series ROCKED. There was not one episode where I didn’t want to cook at least one of the dishes one of them created.

I’ve been on this quest to find the book from the series, because some dodge copyright excuse has been used as to why the recipes aren’t listed on the BBC site.

So this is when I get all indignant and cranky once more and demand a please explain as to why a book – in hardcover on immediate release cost 14.99 pounds, but now you can only purchase used copies on for $120, which I’m presuming is $US . I mean, it only has 60 recipes in it.

Written by allconsuming

June 11th, 2007 at 12:26 am