I’ve basically copied this idea directly from

blackbird, but it appeals to my renewed interest/desire to get all crafty and also the cold hard reality of me being on maternity leave = us having a LOT less money.

It’s a little daliance into what’s on offer at Etsy.

So much nicer than the plastic bags we use… if we use a bag at all.

car litter bag by allysonhill

This wouldn’t fit a tenth of what I need to carry around, but it really appeals to my sense of humour at the moment. It’s Agnes Owl and she’s a fantastic cook:
What’s even better, is that the designer is in Sydney and calls herself Pavlova Magic. Ha hahahahaha

All together now. Awwww.
In fact, everything by Just Kidd’n is absolutely gorge.

I’ve taken quite a fancy to these as well:
They’re called simmer rings, and that makes me like them even more.

But I also like these:
Because they kinda remind me of the stuff made by these guys, which I adore.
So moving on…
I discover that not only do they do the most stunning homewares like this:
and rings like this (I had to link the whole page because I couldn’t choose one to encapsulate just how much I love them all).

I’ve discovered they do rugs. Over here. That can look as stunning as this:
But, if it couldn’t possibly get better, my favourite textile designer – Julie Paterson who is Cloth Fabric – is there as well. Doing rugs that look like this:
I mean, completely impractical for my life at this point in time, but OH how I love the work this woman does.