If there is one sure way to make a Pregnant Crank smile…

this would be this…

Remember my whinge about it the other day?

Well, it arrived in the post for me this week. From Em in South Australia. Not this Em, who is on a journey with her children, in particular Willow, that so reflects the journey I have taken/am on with Oscar it sometimes makes my heart bleed, but another Em, to whom I am eternally grateful.

Move over Nigella.

And a sure fired way to piss her off…

is for your phone/internet/Pay TV provider to do “scheduled maintenance” on the phone/internet/tv cable.

On the FIRST day of maternity leave I have NOTHING on and NO ONE at home with me.

Without any form of a heads up.

After we went five days without a landline phone over the long weekend and had the guy come and repair cables then.

And to tell me it will be back up shortly – at 9.45am (after it’s been down since around 8.45am).

Disabling all forms of technology for FIVE hours, with no form of communication to your customers, is not ‘shortly’. That’s right. It was just restored. At around 1.30pm.