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Kim Palmer has worked in communications roles for over a decade. She has worked with one of the world’s largest public relations firms, as an in-house public relations specialist, a freelance writer for print media, government and private sector clients and currently as an internal communications specialist for a government agency responsible for two of Sydney’s more popular foreshore entertainment precincts.

Her passion is to write in plain English with good humour and pragmatism, to engage an audience and to maximise the impact of the materials she is working on. She finds people infinitely fascinating and gets quite a kick out of bringing together a group of people on a project and making it work. Apparently management consultants like to call this “strong team building and interpersonal communication skills”.

Kim likes writing for traditional print publication formats and even still uses a diary in which she has to write appointments rather than create synergies with her Microsoft Outlook and electronic personal organiser/phone/mp3 player/microwave. That said she also finds writing for the world wide web a whole lot of fun and is developing quite a fascination for internal communications and how organisations can engage their staff to create happy, stable, productive and profitable workplaces for all involved.

Her favourite word is “more” but she also really likes “relish” and “vacuum” because what’s not to like about a word that uses two ‘u’s in a row. She is often heard muttering “how can we do this better”, “suck it and see” and “put it in a bubble” along with “thank you so much for that feedback, perhaps next time you could offer it before we have gone to print”.

Kim loathes exercise but is resigned to the reality that it is essential if she wants to keep eating brownies and not have a wardrobe of mumus, even if they were in a striking array of colours and patterns.

Kim’s fertile imagination is almost out shone by that of her biology as she is the mother to four boys aged from 9years to 4months. She ponders daily if stay-at-home mothers are saints or complete nut-jobs.

She is on a quest to find projects to work on that stimulate her brain and “matter” in the broadest sense of the word while also providing some financial return. Apparently producing four children means you also have to clothe them, feed them and drive them places. Who knew.

She’s not sure why she has written this in the third person but it sure has been fun. You can hire Kim to write stuff for you, just email her at allconsuming72 at gmail dot com but you know, using the @ and a . and no spaces. You can also read all about her life at see what she’s cooking at

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June 2nd, 2007 at 1:30 am

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