How you have a long hard day that is actually really lovely at the same time

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Yesterday was a hard slog. I was still pregnant-cranky and just struggling with the most basic of actions. Very boring.
The son of one of our best friends had his first communion. I do believe this was the first time for me in a Catholic Church and service. Not that different from an Anglican one and – apart from its importance for S – I was rather taken aback by my own cynicism and apathy to the whole thing. I am afterall, I thoughtI was anyway, a good Anglican girl and have had a hankering of getting back to regular church going for some time. Weird. Maybe it was just the pregnant-cranky and that it was very cold, and early, and I was just so fucking uncomfortable.
Then we all went to breakfast, which I was so looking forward to due to the about reasons. I was dreaming of a big mug of hot chocolate, poached eggs on sourdough and maybe a side of mushrooms, but I wasn’t committed to that component.
I got a pot of tea.
Jasper is at that age when the notion of sitting, in a crowded room, at a table, and eating is as horrendous as the notion of sleeping in his own cot.
So I spent the entire time, in two phases, wandering along the Manly beach promenade with Jasper being happy and squealing as he jumped in puddles and me feeling freezing and fucking uncomfortable.
It was hard and did nothing to alleviate the pregnant-cranky.
We came home, I made myself a giant cup of hot chocolate and poached two eggs, which I then ate on two slices of ciabatta.
Quite restorative.
In the afternoon we headed over to see Chef’s olds, who have just spent seven weeks exploring the north-west corner and coral coast of Australia. It just sounded divine.
My MIL’s favourite part of the trip was an aerial flight that took them over Lake Argyle (which is actually an inland sea and holds 22 times the amount of water in Sydney Harbour) at sunset.
For my FIL, it was Cable Beach and Broome.
Quite frankly, it all looked sensational and I can’t wait until we do a similar explore with the kids in probably about 5-8 years time when we surface from the land of toddlers once more.
Last night we lobbed in on my best friend from school and her family, who were all in town because of it’s long weekend status and the chance to all be in the one place to celebrate their Mum’s birthday which is the same day as Chef’s – the 17th of June.
This family were basically the collective saviour of my teenage years – a time marked by normal teenage angst and eating disorders but exacerbated by an pretty traumatic divorce and a mother who basically suffered untreated chronic clinical depression for the better part of a decade while still being the best goddamn mother she could be, which was pretty awesome I must admit. As me, my brother and my mother muddled along as best we could, the J clan were my solace, my refuge and my second home. K will still give me a hard time about how I never wanted to stay the night at her house, something I still can’t really explain except for it being some weird teenage quirk (and probably some deep-seeded concern of repeating the time I stayed at my cousins’ house, refusing to accept my period had started the night before so bleeding the equivalent of a suckling pig all over my nightgown and the bed).
It is the type of occasion where we all just slot in, there’s no effort, no anything except volume, rapid-fire conversation as we try to catch-up, much laughter, always much eating and just a general feeling of love and contentment.
Considering they’d all been at a family lunch all day and probably just wanted to pull on the trackies in from of the tele but just made room for our troup and carried on the entertaining is just an indication of the type of people they are.
I was so happy and pregnant-cranky was at its lowest ebb in days.
Just lovely.

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June 11th, 2007 at 2:26 pm