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Yesterday Chef, Jasper and I went to my (our) favourite cafe in Sydney – Dank Street Depot. It’s on the other side of the city, so we very rarely get there – as in, this was I think only the third, maybe fourth time we’ve got there.

I had the most perfect poached eggs on a bacon hash, which is a signature dish of the cafe, featuring diving chunks of bacon with floury potatoes fried together.

I ordered a round of toast as well, hoping Jasper would start eating again. Seriously, he’s cheaper than a pet at the moment, eating pretty much cruskits and milk. Weird. Particularly in our family. He did love the bread and got really cross at me when I tried to cut off the crusts. Maybe more teeth on the way.

Anyway, I ate most of the toast as well as the jams they served with them were a meal in themselves. Decadent peach jam with big wedges of peach that mooshed beautifully on spreading, stunning rhubarb jam, just tart enough, and a thoroughly decadent strawberry jam to finish the trilogy.

I also had a bowl of hot chocolate, as the Depot? It does propert hot chocolate, as in, chocolate with hot milk. Stunning.

From there we headed across the road to Fratelli Fresh, this wonderful outlet with the freshest produce possible – and quite reasonably priced. Jasper was obviously happy as not only had he eaten some toast, tried my bacon hash, had some hot chocolate, he ate a few pieces of pineapple to boot. Me thinks we have one of those kids that just eats every couple of days and otherwise just keeps on keeping on.

Then, it was out to Ikea. The amount of money I could spend at Ikea is obscene. I found a new lounge that I just loved and had to really pep talk myself out of just sitting on it to look for the one thing we had agreed we were only going to purchase – a new clock – a big one, with big numbers and a silver frame to go in the kitchen. We did relent and bought new doona covers for the boys – at a whopping $29 each (talk about a bargain) as really, at 9 and 7 it just seems cruel putting them to bed under Bob the Builder ones.

Then home.

That, my friends is called a wonderful wonderful day.

Written by allconsuming

June 14th, 2007 at 12:07 am