Two words not in my text messages presumptive vocabulary



I was just reading some of the posts I wrote in the weeks/days leading up to Jasper’s birth and I had “the show” on the Friday night and he was born the following Wednesday.

I’m 35 weeks. Due 24 June.
I do not need/want another NICU baby.
We shall see.

In other news…
Jasper has stopped sleeping.
Full stop.
He seems to have developed an allergy to his cot.
I really REALLY need him to sleep and to do so in his own bed at this stage.

My head cold has developed into a fully fledged sinus phlegm assault.
My GP told me – at this stage in my pregnancy and what I have on my plate – that I need at least a week off. He offered a doc cert to cover me for the next two.
That just seemed a little extreme.
We shall see…