This won’t hurt a bit

So this morning the dentist pulled half my tooth out.
Just like that.
I was in and out of the chair in like 20 minutes.
It was most surreal.
He was great – and quite easy on the eye to boot.
Anyway, he was all “no, I’m not taking out any teeth without taking x-rays, so it’s in there until your baby is not”.
Then he had a look and was all, “oh, ok, well I’ll take that loose bit out today. Get ready for a little sting. Does that hurt? Ok. What about now?” cue some action in the background as I started shaking because I was psyched for an extraction on Friday week, not this morning.
Anyway, I did a quick meditation, focused on the breathing and next thing I know he says, “that’s it”.
He put in a temporary filling so it wasn’t all rough in my mouth and well, people? I can eat on the right side of my mouth for the first time in about six months.
The full extraction is booked in for August.

Then I went and saw my shrink.
New happy pill script.
We shall see…