The coincidence of cancellations

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This morning I (finally) went to the dentist to deal with the tooth. You know, the one which started with the sore gum over Christmas, that then cracked fair in half, which then had the filling in it fall out all over the last couple of months. Yeah, that one.

I actually scared the dentist. For starters he seemed a kind of nervous type of person. Then add to that the fact he was gay, and well, quite frankly, I think the sight of a 32 week pregnant form scared him even more. Then factor in a tooth – that’s had a root canal, and really does need to be extracted. He actually didn’t want to do it. It was quite fascinating to watch.

Anyway, he cleaned and polished my teeth – a hideous process that just makes my toes curl, but I have shiny smooth teeth so I guess that’s a good thing. I have another appointment with someone experienced at tricky extractions on Thursday morning and the extraction appt is Friday week.

But because today’s appointment was aborted, I went across the way to the optometrist and bought a new pair of specs and sunglasses. Very spur of the moment and really quite impetuous. But after Jasper almost pulled the arm of my specs the other day, I decided I wasn’t going to be in a situation of being blind as a bat.

Then the acupuncturist rang – with a cancellation which gave me an in. So tonight, I lay in a darkened room in an old mansion on Sydney’s lower north shore w/ pins in me feeling absolutely blissful. This was a vast improvement as I had a session two weeks ago and I couldn’t even relax to close my eyes in that session. Tonight I snoozed.

Then, about an hour after the pin doctor called, my shrink’s pa rang, with a cancellation on this Thursday – meaning I had another in. A week earlier than expected. Sweet.

I got home tonight after the pin doctor and put the boys to bed. Chef just went to bed as soon as I walked through the door, so that marital harmony is still just white hot. Not.

Then I put on a load of washing, washed up the final pot (the biggest we own) from dinner, put the dishwasher on and cleaned up the back room. Love that reality.

Did I tell you all I’m finishing work two weeks earlier than planned? So I have 4.5 weeks of work left? Yey.yey.yey.

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May 1st, 2007 at 11:12 pm

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