playing fields all over Sydney

You all know how much I hate weekend sport. Organised sport of any nature in fact. You know those teams they form at work – for indoor basketball or soccer? GOD could the fact we have to work be made any worse ??? Sure! Let’s add getting hot and sweaty with people you then have to sit in a meeting with. Stupid stupid idea.

Anyway, I got out of Felix’s soccer this morning because I got to And I was all quiety, passively agressivly stubborn about it because I endured boys playing in.the.freakin’.hallway from about 6.30-8.30 in the first place. Plus, Chef has to work tomorrow (Mother’s Day being the biggest day in the restaurant world) so I took my sleep in today.

But I took Oscar to a soccer for special needs kids open day this afternoon because the soccer obsession? Only rivals that of Star Wars. It was actually a lovely one and a half hours, as there were three families there who I knew from either therapy or one support service or another. And Oscar? Just loved it. Hung out with the coaches, scored a gazillion goals, etc. It was much better structured than the soccer we used to go to- which was all game orientated. This did skills and drills and then had a quick game at the end. Perfect.

Also, we were one kid down – I wonder if I’m one kid down when there’s four of them it will feel easier. Felix went to soccer, went home with his best friend for his birthday party, had the birthday party and then stayed for a sleepover. His best friend – L – is an only child – there was the time he had a play-date with us and when it was time to go home cried because Felix had Oscar and Jasper and all he had at home was his ‘stupid toys’. Priceless. Anyway, it was only when Mum pointed out to me that tomorrow is Mother’s Day and Felix will be “so upset” when he realises. Me? I just enjoyed the two child afternoon and evening (when they were both in bed at half seven!).

Dessert was bread and butter pudding. Delicious. (I did find it quietly ironic that the recipe is tied to when I didn’t get the promotion at work.)