Oh look

nearly a whole week has gone by. Sheesh!
Mother’s Day – the Hallmark version
Ah, to be woken by Oscar, albeit nude, but with a present in tow and hugs all round. His pressie was a delightful new mug (it is his present theme – I think I got one last year or at least the year before) that’s pink on the inside with polkadots on the outside.

Watching Jasper’s face as Chef made him hand over the box of Lindt Balls hehad bought for the wee chap to give to his mum. He basically watched me like a hawk and then ate THREE of them for breakfast.

Chef coming home from work and bringing home goodies for me – pork belly, jus, potato gratin, twice cooked cheese souffle.
Mother’s Day – the Cruella de Ville version
4.30 – woken by Oscar who had wet the bed. Couldn’t get back to sleep.
6.15 – Oscar – who had moved to Felix’s bed because he was at a sleepover – comes in asking ‘up nex[t]?’. He is freezing. Am up
6.30 – 5.30
Clean Oscar’s mattress
Do five loads of washing
Tend to Jasper who spends the e.n.t.i.r.e. day whinging, crying, screaming, whimpering. No, I’m not being melodramatic.
Cook a baked dinner (chicken) for Mum for Mother’s Day, with apple and raspberry crumble for dessert. It was a chore – boys fighting, Jasper grizzling, me realising I can’t stand and cook without feeling puffed and uncomfortable.
Yelled at boys when they fought over setting the table.
Moped on lounge for a while.
AB home, cried.

in other news…
Blackbird and I have offspring who share a birthday.

Happy 7th birthday my beautiful blue-eyed boy.

Felix –
Who came into the world ten days late and was cranky about it and the world for a good three years.
Who reminds me so much of me – passionate and stubborn, loud as well as silent, a thinker.
Who has the most wonderful imagination – he’s latest creation is Captain Very Dum Dum – who is so very stupid he often falls over.
Who loves the natural sciences – and oh how I openly am hoping to live vicariously through him if he becomes a writer with National Geographic.
Who is caring and thoughtful of others – how my heart broke into a hundred pieces yesterday as I watched him at school (it was Open Day, as part of Education Week) yesterday seek out C’s sister, Jenna, who started in Kinder this year and is a dwarf – do the aerobics display alongside her. It made me think, maybe he should be at the same school as Oscar…
Who is ‘growing his hair’, which is both driving me nuts but also tickles me just a little (he looks like a grommet surfer).
Who’s favourite food is lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, pavlova, and really anything else I cook – except almost any other pasta sauce, which is weird.
Who taught me that I might be the parent, and I might want him to do or say something simply because I said so, but that really? Being a parent is about being a teacher, an adviser and guide, with the most boundless and bountiful love possible.
I took yesterday off as I had promised Felix I would drop him off, pick him up and make his favourite dinner, whatever he requested – which was lasagne and pavlova.
Well I basically ran around like a blue-arsed fly.
The only times I sat down were when I was in the car. It wasn’t intentional, just how it panned out.
So by the time dinner was done and children were in bed, I was rather knackered to say the least.
And the swelling – oh my.
On top of that I now have a head cold and sore throat – which is just the continuation of this pregnancy being the petri dish of viruses it has made itself known to be.
So today, when I woke up feeling heavy limbed and coughing up delicious shades of green phlegm, I got Chef to drop Jasper at daycare ( in the city, but Chef’s work is only 15 minutes from there so it’s not that bigger detour), the boys at school and I, for the first time this pregnancy am at home, on my own with my feet elevated.