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Tonight is Day 7 of new drugs (Avanza for those other crazies out there).
Felix said to me tonight, unprompted and from complete left field “Gee, those new tablets are working.”
Since the meltdown on Monday night (and thank you to one and all for your words of support and encouragement) life has incrementally got better.
Chef and I have overcome the domestic disharmony – hence the above title.
I am, in my head, starting to feel better.
I absolutely detest all the animals in my house. Except the fish.
It actually takes physical restraint on my part to not kick the cat or the dogs. Purely because of their existence.
It’s like I can only have enough love for the people in my world. The animals can all go and get fucked.
Seriously, my hatred for them all even surprises me.
I almost ate an entire packet of SAOs in one sitting. On a couple of different occasions in the last few days. With lashings of butter and thick vegemite.
But MAN the indigestion afterwards.
I haven’t been able to commit to a TV series (like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Heroes etc.) for years now. Seriously.
I’m mildly addicted to reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond and Sex and the City. I went through a Will and Grace phase but seriously, whatshername the redhead, irritates the crap out of me.
I am very very cranky that Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model is occuring and it’s not being shown in Australia.
Further to the growing animal intolerance is the exacerbation of all my hayfever allergies that I never ever had until I was pregnant with Felix. I am now so seriously allergic to our cat I can almost not be in the same room as her.
This is quite an issue considering she likes sleeping on our bed.
I am so physically uncomfortable it is really, well, uncomfortable. Seriously, I feel like I did in my final week of pregnancy with Jasper – and I technically have 6.5 weeks to go.
I’m large, my tummy is as tight as a drum, my back is killing me and I just can’t – e.v.e.r – get comfortable.
If I do get to term, I’m pegging this one at being at least 4.5kgs (about 9pd9ounces). Jasper and Felix were both 4.3kg (9pd 8) so you know… although, the meds might have an impact on birthweight. I am staying well away from any website talking about the impact of anti-depressants on unborn babies – a rare move on my part but one I have just decided upon.

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May 10th, 2007 at 9:57 pm

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