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If it’s good enough for Badger and Blackbird:

If I was an hour of the day… I would be 5.30am.
If I was a planet… I would be Pluto.
If I was a direction… I would be north-west.
If I was a piece of furniture… I would be a big comfy day bed.
If I was a liquid… I would be mercury.
If I was a sin… I would be Pride.
If I was a rock… I would be basalt.
If I was a tree… I would be a silver birch.
If I was a fruit… I would be an pomegranate.
If I was a flower… I would be a poppy.
If I was a climate… I would be about 18C with warming sunshine.
If I was a musical instrument… I would be a cello.
If I was an element… I would be water.
If I was a color… I would be navy blue.
If I was an animal… I would at least be smart enough to wash myself and not shit everywhere.
If I was a sound… I would be bung-bung-bung that chimes when intermission is over.
If I was music… I would be somewhere between Powderfinger, The Killers, Jet and Beethoven.
If I was a music style… see above?
If I was a feeling… I would be restless.
If I was a book… I would be a best seller.
If I was a food… OH HOW DO I CHOSE? I would be goat’s cheese; I would be fresh tomato with sea salt, freshly cracked pepper and a good sourdough; I would be sourdough with the greenest extra virgin olive oil and oldest balsamic vinegar, and sea salt; lemon tart; cheesecake; fresh figs.
If I was a place… I would be somewhere windswept, breathtaking and desolate.
If I was a flavour… I would be complex, with fruity notes and a startling not quite able to place after taste.
If I was a scent… I would be sandalwood.
If I was a word… I would be delicious.
If I was a verb… I would be mesmerise.
If I was an object… I would be a piece of art.
If I was a part of the body… I would be the boobs of course.
If I was a facial expression… I would be don’t mess with me.
If I was a cartoon character… I would be…I hate cartoons.
If I was a movie… I would be Adaptation.
If I was a shape… I would be an oblong.
If I was a number… I would be 8.
If I was a season… I would be winter.
If I was a sentence… I would be “I did my best.”

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May 21st, 2007 at 11:49 pm

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