Homework is proof of the devil. Seriously. I HATE it. Forget what the kids think of it.
I’m one of those parents who don’t actually do the work for their children and make it their responsibility.
This is for a number of reasons – firstly because I hate it and secondly because my understanding of homework is that it is meant to be for their benefit in going over work they have done during that day/week.
But then there is Oscar.
Tonight I felt like Attila the Hun of parenting.
For starters, it’s Thursday, and there were several worksheets not done and last nights word list only half finished.
I made him do it all.
I am really really worried about his letter reproduction. His writing is appalling. And just so you’re all aware of what we’re working with, Oscar doesn’t (can’t?) write words or sentences of his own volition, we’re still in the land of copying.
And that worry is only exacerbated by me having no idea on how to aid/assit/teach him to write.
He looks at a letter – say a z, a y, or an s and his reproduction of it is woeful. WOEFUL. APPALLINGLY BAD.
He still doesn’t grasp the idea of writing letters next to each other and along one line. He just can’t.
I of course, handle it all the wrong way, getting angry and/or frustrated. I know we should go back to the letters he can do and have some victories. Fine. But at the end of the day, he has to progress at some speed, no matter how slow, so long as it is moving forward.
So why do I feel his writing is actually in reverse gear and he’s flooring the pedals while I scream “you’re going backwards, BACKWARDS”.
Anyway, we got to the end and we had a chat – I told him so long as he could look at his work and think “I tried my hardest” and “I did my best” it doesn’t matter if it is right or wrong.
God help us all.