At this point in time…

  1. We are officially about 7.5 weeks off becoming a family of six
  2. Not one day goes by without someone saying to me, “so are you hoping for a girl?”
  3. This doesn ‘t irritate me nearly as much as I thought it would.
  4. The answer is no, not really. Although this is the first one where I’ve had the “a pink one would be nice” thought, but even that was fleeting.
  5. If it’s a boy I currently like Grover, Theodore, Zeke or Oliver.
  6. If it’s a girl she will be called Matilda Elizabeth. Although I am quite partial to Eliza.
  7. We are about to appear in a case study in the major Sydney broadsheet Investor pages – with advice on what to do with the money coming our way from the sale of Chef’s Nana’s house.
  8. Jasper is 18 months.
  9. He is the master of a hundred silly walks.
  10. I’ve seen him clock a room of people and perform.
  11. He loves singing and music. He hums bits from the Star Wars theme and has done so for about two months.
  12. His favourites are Twinkle Twinkle, 1,2,3,4,5, (once I caught a fish alive), Ring a ring a rosie, It’s raining it’s pouring (to which he does a little dance and falls down on “bumps his head”)
  13. Every night he must rumble with Felix. Failure to do so results in impressive tantruming and bed refusal.
  14. After having six teeth for the better part of 14 months, he has gained four molars and another tooth in the last month.
  15. He – just like Oscar – loves nothing more than pottering around the house and outdoors, ocassionally coming in for a cuddle.
  16. Felix will be seven in 15 days.
  17. This year he has discovered art, drama and music. This thrills me no end. He is not musical in any real way, but he is very creative and emotional. This fills me with immense pride and also a level of worry, that he is too like me and I just hope he sees what is around him to find happiness than always looking ahead.
  18. He is in the younger half of a composite class. They have been doing speeches in front of the class this year. He loves it. This week he had to read a poem. He virtually memorised it. This makes my heart just swell.
  19. He is very home and family orientated.
  20. Not a day goes past during which he doesn’t tell me he loves me, or that I’m the best mummy in the world, or that he loves his family.
  21. He is still going on about changing schools next year to be at the same school as Oscar – and still doesn’t mind the idea of repeating. In fact, sees it as a bonus bludge year as “how easy will that be mum, I would have already done all the work before”. Hmmm.
  22. Oscar is now 9.
  23. He is what they call early-pubescent. So deodorant is necessary. He’s been like this for about 9 months.
  24. He is obsessed with soccer. I feel DREADFUL that this didn’t register with me sooner – I need to get him into his own team rather than tagging along with Felix’s (which he requested last year).
  25. At the moment his world is defined by which car he will be taken in. If it isn’t the “noo car” forget it. The wailing, gnashing of teeth and flailing on the floor are just not worth it.
  26. Every other sentence is “why”. Oscar can you get dressed? Why. Oscar it’s time for dinner. Why? Oscar, shhhh. Why? Oscar, can you bring me Jasper’s towel please. Why? And so on and so forth.
  27. This has made me utter the phrase, “because I said so” more times than I like to consider.
  28. Oscar’s favourite dinner – anything that is easy to eat (i.e. not much meat that he has to chew) and the sooner its over and dessert is coming, the better.
  29. Felix’s favourite dinner – he loves my steamed chicken on ginger rice but spag bol or spag al’oglio or fried rice or pizza are also winners.
  30. Jasper’s favourite dinner – variable, the most important part is that he gets to sit at the big table with the big boys and has the same plate and same food as them.