Captain Cranky Pants

My GOODNESS I’m in a bad mood.
No idea why.
It’s like I’m premenstrual.
I’m watching The Choir of Hard Knocks and its making me cry.
Discovered tonight that Oscar wet the bed last night. Which I only found out about because I could smell wee in the lounge room – which was fermenting from his pyjamas which were on the floor, which is where the boys pyjamas always live when they’re not wearing them.

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  • killyweasel

    more priceless name suggestions from me on a previous post.

    i guess you are cranking because, mentally, you have alread left work and you don’t give a sh*t about getting stupid things finished by the end of the week, that some other no-good-nik has left up to you. bugger the lot of them – tell them to jam it and don’t come back. who needs them anyway!!

  • daysgoby

    Hate the smell of stale pee.

  • Jonathan

    I had a horrifying moment today when I sat down on an underground train, and could feel wetness… and thought “oh shit – has somebody sat here and wet themselves?”

    Luckily the logical answer (it had been raining outside) turned out to be the correct answer.

    Still… how do you get a seat THAT wet?