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You can all relax, I rang the dentist. The next available appt is 1 May. HAHA ha ha ha.

I saw the GP this morning – yes, my eardrum did burst, but it’s healing nicely thank you.

I also snuck Jasper in – you see, the not really eating much and the massive vomit all over me last night indicated perhaps he wasn’t that well. He’s got an ear infection and probably a virus. Probably the one that struck me on Monday when I felt all clammy and nauseous on and off all day and had a kip in the middle of Meet the Robinsons (which was actually pretty good but did seem to be really long) and that hit Felix that night when he said he felt like he was going to vomit but wouldn’t.

I’m actually finding it kinda funny – the myriad health issues and chronic bumbling from one illness or ailment to the next. And I haven’t even started the happy pills.

(chuckling as I settle back to wait and watch for Joke to morph into his own mother)

Written by allconsuming

April 11th, 2007 at 11:11 am