Just another day in paradise…

When I told a friend today how I was, honestly, they told me they were a firm believer attitude was everything.
Thanks for that.
It kinda falls into the same category of my mum telling me to “pull your socks up, there are lots of people who would love to have what you have”.
And again I say, thank you oh people who have no fucking idea what clinical depression actually is.
As if I don’t know these things and challenge my attitude when I am depressed every fucking microsecond.
sigh Sigh SIGH.

Today started at 5.
I yelled at Chef at around 7.45.
Despite having been up since 5, I still didn’t get to work until about 9.15.
Which was the main reason I was yelling at 7.45.
I ate dry SAOs for lunch.
But was home by 6, made dinner (spag bol – with the most sensational bolognaise I made yesterday – and I don’t even like bolognaise), did homework with the boys and read all about the battleships of Star Wars Episode 3, which Oscar brought home from library today.
It was one of those nights where everything was lovely and happy and calm.
Chef just got home and has gone straight to bed.
Ahhh marital bliss is great isn’t it.
It’d be nice to tell him that I spoke to my boss today and am finishing work two weeks earlier than planned. Which means I have only 5 weeks of work left. Do you know how psychologically better that is than 7 weeks?
Anyway, just another day really…