Dum dee dum dee dum

Been awake since 3 with a massive cramp in my left leg. Which lends me to think that my previous post was incorrect in I said right leg. It also – I think – explains the sore left ankle, because my GOODNESS, the stiffness and pain through that joint as my whole foot is wrenched upwards be stiff muscles.

SF – yes to the cracked heels as well, although I hadn’t been attributing that to my whale-like size.

Can’t sleep due to thinking about Oscar’s support service – or lack thereof as we have left the service I have talked about here due to a complete lack of confidence in senior management and the board. A very long story I keep meaning to explain but it’s just left me pretty exhausted and bereft and sometimes that needs to wash away a little before fingers hit keypads.

Work senario also interesting, as yesterday I actually said, no holes barred. what I wanted to say – and without getting angry or crying. What a breakthrough. So this morning, instead of lying in the dark worrying about work, I’m worrying about how to build a support service for kids with special needs. Far out.