and as clearly I am walking around with a ladder over my head so as not to not walk under a ladder so much as to permanently have things going to crap

We had no water tonight due to a massive major pipe explosion or some such two suburbs away – that impacted water supply to the universe. Or near equivalent.
At least Jasper didn’t spew on me during that time I guess.
The drama camp I angsted over sending Oscar to next week rang to say it was cancelled due to low numbers. What am I meant to do with the boy for a week when I’m on mega deadline? It’s cool, I’m in the process of answering that question.
The upside is I’ve booked him in for a term class instead – and Felix – and they both get to go to the same class together.
For all my efforts of not making Felix have to ‘look out’ for Oscar, they are so excited about the prospect of this (have I told you all of Felix’s wish to change schools and to go to the one Oscar goes to so they could play together? I tell you, sometimes the experts on siblings of kids with special needs need to shove their advice up the proverbial).
Felix still gets to go to drama next week.