Weekend roundup

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My goodness I’ve been tardy around here of late. It’s funny really, because it’s been two comments left by Joke that always prompt my lazy and every expanding arse back into action. Joke kinda permeates my life every now and then, like his remarkable ravioli recipe of the other day. While I didn’t make my own (get real) I had a very good handmade store-bought batch in the freezer (from my salvation on the Northern Beaches, Livotti’s Deli in Dee Why). So I made the corn and tomato sauce, and added a dash of cream at the end… because I’m pregnant and am beyond caring because quite frankly, this carcass is H.U.G.E and I’ve decided to not really worry about it until F’nF* has arrived and my breeding days are done.

Anyway, it was delicious. I never would have done the corn in pasta sauce thing, but its sweetness was the perfect accompaniment to the ricotta tortellini. Yum.

Also – Joke often posts very simple non-indulgent, non-inflammatory comments to my inumerable wailings. They often go something along the lines of “stress is not an aerobic exercise” – this has entered my vernacular now and is something I often find myself quietly reciting to myself in times I can feel myself slipping down the stressful cliff. And let me tell you, I’ve been hanging off this cliff for the better part of the last five months. Snore.

Anyway, after my high-point of last week, it was a mixed bag. But Friday was fantastic. I took the day off. We offloaded offspring and went to the movies and lunch (Chef doesn’t start work until 3 on Fridays). We saw Stranger than Fiction – and I loved it. Totally. I want the bakery that Maggie Gyllenhaal runs. Then we went to fast food Japanese ala Muz.

Yesterday was a family gathering and various ferrying of people to other birthday parties etc. It was FREAKIN’ hot, which caught me off guard and made me count blessings that I’m having a June baby not a March one. EUGH.

OH, and there were the six loads of washing due to all the rain during the week that made washing pointless. The line was full – every single one – and it all dried. God my life is rich and varied.

Today was specifically a day of doing nothing. Which means children getting bored and asking for food or why they can’t go play at someone else’s house constantly. Luckily, we have some plucky young sprites across the road who, for the second day in a row, have just invited themselves over for a play. This is what I always wanted as a family – that kids just lob in and hang out. The boys came and went from their place and ours. In wicked heat. So even though we live metres from the beach, I packed the boys up at 4 and took them up to the inlaws for a swim. Total immersion in water is just soooo good when incubating. Oscar was actually swimming – like head down in the water, arms going (more dogpaddle style than freestyle), legs kicking on the surface. This is when I really true bless the public education system and the two week long FREE swimming program they run at Oscar’s school. Meanwhile, Felix is at that stage where the best thing about swimming is being underwater and how long you can stay under there until your mother gets that rising panic all is not well. Then there is Jasper, who kicks his arms and legs madly, jumps in (holding your hands) from the edge and bounces up and down so you’ll sing Humpty Dumpty and pull him in on “fall!” God knows how I’ve produced water babies, but there you have it.

Then we collected Chef from work, picked up a bbq chook for dinner on the way home and thus ended a fairly standard and relatively painless weekend.

Of course, the beautiful, crafty, Suse has also just had a weekend. And her second version? Well let’s just say it was so comforting to know that someone who always seems to me to be holding it all together so well and with the most positive and – indeed as Joke loves to remind us all – glass half full mindset can actually view the world the way I do 24/7.

Suse – I just want to know when your weekend away is planned?

* Fourth ‘n Final.

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March 4th, 2007 at 9:02 pm