The Chef update

OK. So Chef took the paycut back in October. For a month. That has yet to be reinstated.
Then he attempted to make the other partners formalise the partnership agreement. And they’d basically ignore him and move onto the next agenda item.
SO, he says to me, “I’m going to look for a new job.”
Then hounds me for three days to help him with his CV.
Which I finally do.
Then he gets a call for an interview, and tells me he sent off for about 7 or 8 jobs.
He goes to the interview, does a trial shift the following night, is offered the job, takes the job and has been working two jobs for the last two weeks.
He finishes up on Sunday and starts at his new gig on Monday.
He’s head chef at an upmarket Italian restaurant on Sydney’s lower north shore.
It’s like his completing a circle – he started his chef apprenticeship at one of Sydney’s best – at the time – Italian restaurants.
He’s loving the challenge – and stress – of being back in a kitchen requiring a higher level of technical skill and finesse.
It’s going to be a bit of a shit fight from now until I go on mat leave (12 weeks and one day) as his shifts are all over the week and all at night (meaning afternoons, meaning no picking kids up, meaning heavy reliance on grandparents – which does n’t work when they’re about to go travelling for 5 weeks and Mum is acting AP at her school so is exhausted and having meetings after school) but we can live with that.
Oh, and it pays 1/3 more than what he was getting. So he’s back getting what he was getting before the October pay cut, in a gig that has more challenges, more stimulation and better professional development.
The end.