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Paul Keating just called John Howard the little dessicated coconut and Peter Costello was all tip and no iceberg. Teeheehee.

Now don’t get me wrong, this grubby game of smear politics – that we’re living loud and true in NSW with an election in 3 weeks – is something that absolutely gives me the shits.

But really? Little John Howard – who is clearly absolutely reeling from the Rudd factor (and quite frankly, as a die-hard Labor girl, so am I , because I really thought he was an irritating little git, but has been quite impressive to say the least… or maybe that was simply because the vacuum he was filling had been so large and dark for so long he is coming across as shiny as a bauble from Tiffany’s) – and for the first time making major political mistakes (disregarding the plain, simple and obvious lying he’s committed over the last long and lonely decade) that seem to have some supernatural spotlight highlighting them (seriously, isn’t it politics101 to not go in too hard on the integrity of other politicians – I mean, its just the epitomy of throwing stones in glass houses) being described as a coconut? well, it just made me giggle.*

Eugh, and now Peter Costello is on Lateline stating he doesn’t think Rudd would be a good leader. Really? As the man just waiting for Howard to lie down and die so he can stand at the front of the line and boss everyone around, that is quite a breathtaking statement of the bleeding fucking obvious. Eugh, it all just makes my skin crawl.

That is all.

*apologies for the appalling punctuation. No excuse. Just poor.

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March 5th, 2007 at 10:40 pm