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More than once I’ve reported how I often start the day as Mary Poppins and end it as Cruella de Ville. Wella today, just to keep everyone on their toes, I seemed to do it all in reverse. For starters, my hay fever is APPALLING at the moment. Itchy eyes to a point of distraction, blocked sinuses to a point of migraine, itchy mouth to a point of tongue strain from rubbing the top of my mouth. Today I did TWELVE sneezes in a row without a break. About 5 times. Sure it sounds impressive, but lets all take a moment shall we, to recall I am pregnant for the fourth time and well, the pelvic floor just ain’t what it used to be.

I woke at 3.45 this morning and took almost two hours to get back to sleep. This is when I can gloat for a moment about the good third child, who felt it fair to sleep until 8am. EIGHT AM. That is unheard of. I mean, Oscar still gets up at around 5.15. Now – thank the Lord – he turns the tele on, eats about a block of cheese slices and basically amuses himself until the rest of us feel like dealing with the world. Felix is still prone to coming in, waking me up to ask if its OK for him to get up. Bless the second child so eager to please. NOT.

But when I did wake, my head was heavy with mucus (I have vague recollections of my blocked nose running uncontrollably during the night, to the point I simply used the sheet to wipe it. I know. I’m all class. I haven’t washed them either. Noice.) and I just had that sense of being totally overwhelmed with the day looming in front of me – the washing, the children – all.of.them. , all the meals, all the cleaning up, the washing – and just had a very bad sense of foreboding and that I just could NOT be a parent today. Does anyone else get that or am I just one of those horrible women who has a penchant for breeding but shouldn’t?

So, I just battled on, telling myself, just do one small thing at a time. I managed to (almost) clean the kitchen, mop our bathroom floor, clean up the boys room (this was an achievement let me tell you – who knew there was a floor – and a mat! – in their room. I basically got a full load of washing from doing so, and found missing school socks but man, those boys now have some space.) And slowly, the feeling lifted. Slightly.

Then we had an afternoon at some friends from our support service. There were three families. We arrived late – at 2 – and didn’t leave until 7.45. It was an afternoon of food, discussion, laughter, swimming and simply hanging out. DIVINE. The boys had an absolute blast and were fantastic (i.e. they went off and played and largely left me alone, Jasper just motored around as he is prone to do, bless him.).

There is SO much to update you all on re the whole support service/funding/leadership debacle, but there is a meeting on Monday night with the Board, the CEO, parents and staff, so will give the whole story after that. It is a saga.

BUT – in the meantime, here is the dip I ‘made’* that was demolished within minutes of arriving. I call it the Jackson Dip because it is a signature party dish by the family of my best friend from school.

Jackson Dip
4ooml sour cream (you have to use full fat as the skim stuff goes too runny)
about half a jar of salsa (use your own personal favourite with heat level of your liking)
– mix the sour cream and salsa together in a wide serving dish
– top the outer rim with chopped shallots
– then do a circle of chopped avocado (tossed in lemon or lime juice)
– then in the middle scatter chopped tomatoes (I semi-deseeded them today so it wasn’t too wet)
– scatter coriander all over the top
– serve with corn chips

I mean seriously, does it get any easier?

* ‘made’ is such a generous term.

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March 10th, 2007 at 11:04 pm