Weekend roundup

Saturday was:
brunch for me – just lovely
haircut – weird, funky colours but it’s different and I’m not so sure I like it
torrential rain
me, three children at outdoor concert. Arrive way too early, endure 40minutes of another torrential downpour. stay for concert, wet to the core. kids loved it and it was ‘ok’.

Sunday was:
quiet, spent at home, tried to clean up – not that you can tell.
made some biccies out of a book Oscar had borrowed from library at school.
Christmas is 3 weeks away.
The tree is up, decorated and being slowly destroyed by Jasper and the cat.

Things I’m wondering:
why morning sickness would kick in at 10 weeks
can someone please tell me the whole series of Lost – I’m curious but not that curious to sit through the entire series now being reshown on Optus.
and a whole heap of other shit that is really quite pedestrian and just not worth documenting.

I tried to do this “ask me a question I’ll tell you no lies” thing the other day, but not many of you took the bait. Here’s the answers to those that did ask:

1. Anzac biscuits: Coconut or no coconut?
Coconut, I didn’t know it was some form of sacrilege to include it

2. What was the first record you ever bought?
I believe it was 1983 Summer Hits. I think I was given an album before that, by my nan – an ABBA album one Christmas.

3. Were you really pissed off after J’s B’day party with the crap through your house, or was it just good son’s first birthday?
I get into this weird headspace, where I’m not so much pissed off, but just – goodness, I just don’t even know how to describe it – tired? It didn’t go as planned, and I struggle with that.

4. When are you due?
24 June 2007

5. How did you meet the Chef?
We met around Easter 2001 at Pizza Hut, Gordon. I’d been working there for a little while and everyone was talking in reverred tones about this guy called _ _ and what a legend he was. We met, I was underwhelmed – the myth was certainly larger than the reality. Then he made my life hell through teasing and tormenting me, but I’m a pretty good sport at that stuff and give as good as I get. He invited himself to a dinner party I was holding at my place. I was hosting it to confirm I’d made the right decision by breaking up with my first boyfriend – who’d filled a few firsts for me. Everyone, including my mum, her partner and my brother were all “we don’t care much for _ _ _ but that _ _ we like.” He went back to uni for Term 2 and it wasn’t until the following holidays that we got together on 14 June 2001. He seemed quite keen from the start and I was intrigued. He was a larrikin and very very funny, but there was a sadness about him, a melancholy, that I found compelling. We just had that ‘thing’ which took a very long time for me to understand, accept and acknowledge. And now, my love for him is so big I can’t help but smile.

6. How do you manage to juggle so many balls and keep on top of everything?!
Surely from reading all this tripe you know I drop the balls often and am on top of nothing. Much to chef’s disappointment.

7. How the heck can you fit in a Masters with a fulltime job, three kids and another on the way?
I’m not really sure. Last year I only had two of them and was incubating one and just not being home that one night had a massive impact on the boys. I have no idea what I’m doing but know that if I don’t go back for one semester next year, I probably never will.

Unconcious mutterings

  1. Hello ::there
  2. Flinstone ::s meet the flinstones, have a yabba dabba do time, a dabba do time, we’ll have a gay old time!
  3. Corn ::field
  4. Interview ::panel
  5. Deviant ::behaviour
  6. Concept ::of time
  7. Bridge ::to cross
  8. Karen ::G_ _ _ commonly referred to as Killer
  9. Encounter ::of mine
  10. Biological ::mother

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