Today …

there was good news from a friend about their health that made tears spring constantly throughout the day.
the big horse race was on. I spent $4 and won nothing.
Mum bought Felix a “Force Field Room Alarm” through the book club.

So tonight, when I had to go in and pull Oscar’s covers up over him, I had to commando crawl into their room so as not to set off the alarm.

And no I’m not joking.
Someone pointed out to me today that I have an overload of empathy but a deficit on compassion. She was right.
There are good and bad things about having your mother teach at your sons school.

Finding out he TOPPED HIS CLASS in his maths test today was in the good camp.

Finding out he was sent to the Infants Principal last week because he was naughty for the substitute maths teacher last week, does not.

Having her just offer up her advice on how I should manage it – all cloaked in not telling me how I should parent my child – well, most of you know which camp that falls in.

There are reasons my compassion gland underperforms.

It’s called self-preservation.