Things I realised today

I really can’t tolerate laziness. And yes, it is different to procrastinating.

The energy I draw from having Jasper on my lap going in to work and coming home from it is massive.

I really really really like burrito wraps, they don’t need to be burritos, it’s just the texture and taste of the wrap-bread. I’m basically addicted at the moment.

How much I wish my life was different, but how happy I am with it anyway. Weird.

That watching friends – on the cusp of new love (and them realising they are in love when we’d all been hoping and they hadn’t really acknowledged or realised it) – is exhilerating and mesmerising and makes me re-realise what I have with Chef.

Christmas is so close and I haven ‘t started baking or shopping. This year we’re doing a real tree (we have a very large, very impressive fake one) and the boys are so excited. Our current $$$ fiasco is making all of this quite difficult to plan/pay for and quite stressful.

And that I have stuff I need to post here but have been holding off doing so for myriad reasons and now it just seems weird that it’s not here but I don’t really know how to introduce it.

So maybe I’ll just redirect you all to here and you can figure it out.