Thank goodness

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it is Friday night.

Last night I got home and simply cried due to the stress, pressure and workload I’m currently carrying. Sure, the pressure to deliver is largely being ladled out by me, to me, but still, it’s been one hell of a week, following several weeks of the same and a future of not much being different.

Jasper has cut another tooth and, just like Oscar and his Mum, he is finding infinite fun in grinding these new top teeth on the established lower ones. That’s my boy.

So removed am I from this family at the moment that when I (finally) got home tonight, the boys gave me kisses and cuddles then returned to playing upstairs. The next I saw them was when I told them it was time for bed. They very nicely came downstairs, cleaned teeth and promptly went to bed. It all makes me feel kinda sad.

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November 3rd, 2006 at 9:23 pm

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