Day 28 – hot

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it was hot today.
You know how when you get your first real camera and start to fancy yourself as quite the photographer? Not the time when you’re about 9, but more the time like first year uni and you get a real camera. These days with all the hi-tech gadgets it’s also about fancing yourself as quite the film producer. The next stage is playing around with different lenses, sepia and the classic black and white.

But in the ultimate lesson that black and white does not equal class, behold this pearl, this gem, indeed this whole new world.
In an indication Tuesday school scripture clearly has an affect:
Oscar brought home two little gingerbread cut-outs stuck to paddlepop sticks, which he proceeded to use for a delightful range of puppet shows.

Felix then had his turn:
Green gingerbread man: “Hello”
Brown gingerbread man woman: “ohhhh, hello”
Passionate embrace
Green gingerbread man: “Oh no, I’m going to die like Jesus Christ”
Cue impressive fall from top of chair to the floor.
Further to my quest to ensure my brain dies an early unstimulated death, has anyone else caught wind of this Stupid Stupid Man series? Very funny. It’s even got Moon Face Jnr on it, and he’s quite good.

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November 28th, 2006 at 9:40 pm

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