Day 27 – weird

It was sort of hot, overcast and just weird today. Then this afternoon the wind picked up and there was a chill in the air. Tomorrow is meant to be 39C. Whatever.
Today was admission at the hospital.
We arrived at 4pm, we were getting in the car to leave at 7.15. EUGH.
My GOD so much waiting around, SO BORED.
Then we had the dating scan, and saw a little heart beating on a peanut.
And Chef and I felt really quite ill. (I was excited as well, kind of … I’m nervous about the CVS and just generally anxious.)
Then more waiting around, SO BORED.
Then we had our meeting with the midwife. Where I had to detail three pregnancies, and realised there were things I was forgetting or attributing to one then realising, oh no, that was the next one. And so on and so forth.
By then Chef and I had a collective headache, tension through our shoulders and a sense of “oh my GOD” that neither of us have shaken even now.
CVS is booked in for 13 December. My only issue with this is that the full results take a minimum of 10 working days and well – HELLO CHRISTMAS – so we won ‘t have the results until the New Year. SIGH SIGH SIGH.
Anyway, the peanut has a hearbeat, there’s only one of them (woohoo!) and I’m bang on 10 weeks.
Oh and it seems to have a penchant for standing on its head.
And quite frankly, who can blame it.