Day 26 – cloudy, slight breeze, cooler

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It’s probably around 25 today, kind of overcast – but more in that hazy way than big burly grey clouds way, with a lovely onshore cooling breeze. Delightful.

After the energy and activity of yesterday, we’re just chilling out at home today – gosh it’s nice. The cricket is on- is England really this bad??? or are we really the legends we think we are?

I’m doing about 50 loads of washing, have cleaned out the cupboard under the laundry sink that has been shitting me for oh, about 18 months, and Mum just came downstairs and said, “I’m here to help” and basically cleaned up the back room.

I’ve developed conjuncitivis over night – thanks Jasper – and the drops? No wonder Jasper screams, they sting and then the chemical taste that feeds down the back of your nose and throat has explained why he’s been so raspy and off his food since Friday (although he just ate a piece of pumpkin pie). You see I just thought it made your eyes goopy and itchy, but it actually makes you feel pretty rotten. Nice.

I’ve just eaten a slice of pumpkin pie and custard tart for lunch, after an appetizer of about a dozen Sicilian green olives. Green olives were my pregnancy alarm bell this time around, as I was sick with pharangytis and thinking the antibiotics were making me crook. Until I was standing in the kitchen contemplating how I felt sick but hungry at the same time, so was not sure what to eat, until I thought, “Mmm green olives.” The clanging of those alarm bells were the final prompter for buying the pregnancy test.

Now, Jonathan is doing it and it seemed like fun:
Inviting questions.
Send me a max of four questions in comments and a I’ll answer the first 20. (maybe this is a way to end the silence that seems to have descended over here – unless you all dropped in a faint of shock at our news)
There are no rules as to what you ask.
Go on. Dare ya.

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November 26th, 2006 at 12:36 pm

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