Day 20 – Oh now we’re talking

29C people – 29! Thank GOD I work in an airconditioned office, pumping out greenhouse gases and destroying any environmental footprint I vainly attempt to stamp in the ground by covering it with great steaming piles of emissions from printers, computers, phones and airconditioning. Oh, and lighting.

Anyway, it was a day of high heat, high winds and not much else.

A lovely night at home with the boys, looking through Felix’s work and wondering how on God’s earth I managed to create a child that – at the age of 6 – could make up a written problem for a provided answer. I mean JEEZ, that makes my head hurt at 33. That and him writing over as “ova” and more as “moor”. BLESS.

Tomorrow is Jasper’s first day home with Chef. Mwahahahahahaha. When I know the kind of incidents that transpired when Chef was responsible for Felix and Oscar at home when they were little – such as washing their ride on cars with motor oil, or locking Chef out of the house for HOURS or cutting the cat’s fur by pinning her down out in their cubby house, I can only imagine the range and quality of incidents that are going to result. That and I wonder just how much more the house is going to be trashed than it normally is when Chef is simply at home playing xbox and wanking.

PS – not that there is any correlation between the last comment and this one, but is anyone else excited at seeing Joke’s Thanksgiving unfold before our very eyes?