Day 14 – blue skies

OK, so I’m a day late. Yesterday I sort of had a mini-breakdown over our new financial plight – and the rest. I kinda worked myself into a really fine state throughout the day of warm air and glorious clear blue skies about just how seriously fucked we’re going to be/already are and then got home, surveyed the wreckage of the house, had Felix cry on me because Chef had made risotto, which he hates and it was meant to be fajita night and I cracked it because as IF we’ll be eating avocadoes anytime soon. I realised I was in a pretty bad place and removed myself from the whole scene and went to our bedroom. Oscar kept coming in and hugging me and asking “why muma (signing lie down)?” and I tried to explain that Mummy was just sad and needed some quiet time. I ended up falling asleep at around 7.45pm.

So sorry about not reporting on the stunning day that Sydney turned out.