Day 13 – rain, big storm, sun, high winds

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I really did not intend my quirky little daily weather report to actually start being the perfect analogy for my life. Really.

It was raining this morning, then warm and sunny, then grey and stormy and then blue skies and warm, then really really windy.

There are aspects of my life I can’t go into here at the moment for all manner of reasons , but you could basically slot in the events of my life and world into that above sentence and that totally resembles today.

Chef’s new venture has been going gangbusters, but when it doesn’t (i.e. when it rains, is cold and/or windy) it doesn’t. I understand the rent abatement agreement recently ended. Wages for wait staff, even the hopeless ones, are pretty good for the job, but not good for the bottom line. We found out today that Chef’s salary is being cut by 28%. This returns us to where we were exactly a year ago, but now, we have childcare fees for the New Recruit. That takes up half my fortnightly salary. Or, all of Chef’s weekly wage bar $100. Chef and I have just sat down and worked out our finances until Christmas.

To say the outlook is grim, with a big depression and storm front on the horizon, does not adequately describe how our immediate future is looking.

That is all.

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November 13th, 2006 at 10:11 pm

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