Weekend roundup

You know, the Saturday before last was about 35C. Last Saturday, the day of Jasper’s first birthday BBQ at the park, was 15C and it pissed down all day.

Some of you may remember a rant I had some time back, which in hindsight was probably the very early steps of my most recent descent into depression, the upshot of which I was never going to have big parties with kids and grown-ups at home ever again. Sure, parties for grown-ups, get-togethers with one or two other families, but never the full cahoot ever again.

So Saturday was not how I planned it. I did not intend to have a house full of people and kids. People and kids who’d go and play outside when it wasn’t raining, just so they could trapse dirt, sand, dog shit and the like through the house.

But you know, I coped. I even had fun.

Jasper’s No.1 cake was my favourite chocolate cake recipe.

There was also the family fruit cake, which I will post soon…

This week – v.busy and me v.v.tired. As Bec would say, mtc.