Happy birthday oh smiley one…

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One year ago today I was sitting at the hairdressers looking at myself in the mirror thinking “something looks different about me today.” You were officially due on the Sunday. It was a Wednesday. The sun was shining – a glorious October day quite similar to what the world has turned on for today in fact.

On my way home I stopped at the fishmonger at got some lovely bream fillets for dinner. Then I went to Woollies and got some veggies to do a stirfry to go with the fish. I was feeling very much the good mother. I got home, grabbed some afternoon tea for the boys as it had become a little thing between us that in the brief time I’d been on maternity leave (I’d finished up at work the Wednesday prior) when they got in the car I had a little treat for them. This afternoon it was some lamington fingers. I got out to the car, man, it was hot. I sat in the drivers seat and felt this little “pop, woosh” sensation. “Well, what do you think of that, I did it all by myself” I thought. You see, Felix had been 10 days late and Oscar had been 5 weeks early, after threatening to arrive since 21 weeks, so I didn’t have that much faith in my body to trigger the whole labour thing all on its own. I was marvelling at my cleverness when I figured I should probably get out of the car.

In my excitement and pride, I kind of forgot just what an impressive amniotic fluid producer I am. Take it from me little man, the car has never been the same. Anyway, Dad was at work, Grandmama was at an inservice and it was now 10 minutes to pick-up time for Felix. A few phone calls were made to your Dad, the boys schools and so on and teachers brought your brothers out to me rather than me having to get out of the car and wait for them. That’s right, I still picked the boys up from school. What can I say, it’s the kind of idiot your Mum can be in moments of stress.

Anyway, it was on for young and old at 6.15pm. The midwife did what she had to do and informed the room “we are 5cm”. I was not impressed. I also have an appalling memory, forgetting that with both brothers “we” went from 5cm to full dilation, hello baby! in about half an hour. I informed the room that I wasn’t doing “this” past 8pm. You were born at 7.01pm.

But enough of the reminiscing. The last 12 months have just flown. Ahh that’s better, a nice cliche.

Here are the milestones: (don’t ever say the third child is overlooked)
8weeks – thumb sucking begins in earnest
9.5weeks – start sleeping through the night.
5 months (18 March 06) – started crawling
5.5months (6 April) – started clapping and waving – on the same day! g.i.f.t.e.d.
6months (22April) – sitting on your own
9 months – a tooth! (and only one more since then)
11months (19Sept) – stood up from sitting. Started taking 1-2 steps the following day
12 months (19Oct) – officially walking. (tonight you walked across the lounge room, from Grandmama to Felix. No mean feat considering the amount of crap in your way)

I am with you how I thought I would be as a mother. Pretty chilled, having an absolute blast, and feeling my chest swell with love. It’s taken 8 years and three kids to get to that place, and let me just say, it rocks. Big time.

Happy birthday Speed. You are so loved.

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October 19th, 2006 at 12:39 pm

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