The spiced up meme from Bec

Five things I wish were in my freezer: (sorry Bec, but there are many reasons we are friends!)
– A bottle of Absolut Citron; (although Chef has just made a new batch of limoncello and coffee liqueur)
– the pesto I should have made last summer;
– the chicken stock I keep meaning to make;
– a range of home-made frozen dinners;
– a big box of blackberries.

Five things that shouldn’t be in my wardrobe:
– Stunning brown suede stiletto knee-high boots ( I wore them once this year as none of my wardrobe that goes with them fits and they’re too high);
– my turning-30 wardrobe – when I lost a lot of weight over the eight months preceding and had not one, but two pairs of size 10, TEN, pants… that now barely get past my knees;
– a Carla Zampatti jacket circa 1990 (think Dynasty shoulder pads);something like 12 pairs of jeans;
– two massive bags of maternity clothes (despite what Chef says, we are not done).

Five things I hate about my car:
– The dint(s) on the back panel – from when I scraped against Mum’s car on the third day I had it. It’s now 6 years old.
– All the stickers Oscar has stuck on the front passenger’s window (from his speech therapist);
– How dirty the front windscreen is;
– All the kid crud in the back seat;
– The front drink holders are too close together, and have different circumferences so two simple bottles of water don’t fit.
(and an extra one – it’s a cheap Korean car, not a luxury European one)

Five things I should throw out of my handbag/purse/briefcase/backpack:
dirty tissues;
receipts, receipts, receipts!!;
arrowroot biscuits in a snaplock bag,
crushed to eleventy gagillion pieces;
a plastic envelope of bills I keep meaning to pay, but don’t because I’d rather spend the money on fun things… like childcare.

Five things I don’t want to admit are in my bathroom:
– Crappy broken bath toys and kitchen utensils;
– about 500 empty toilet paper rolls because those who finish them (Chef) just drop them on the floor and I refuse to pick them up;
– lint;
– vaginal pessaries (some herbal shit to balance my biorhythms or some such. All they did were make my bits even more manky than they were at the time I went to the naturopath with manky bits);
– cockroaches – we live in Sydney, near the beach, get used to it.

I too tag the first five to comment…but seeing as the people who comment here comment at Bec’s, we may end up going around in circles.