1. Can anyone tell me why on this website it doesn’t let me put in a pithy title, but using the same template on some of the eleventy million other blogs I write it does?

2. I belive Badger has in the past referred to a particular day of her period for its general hell-hath-no-fury kinda theme. It’s been 18 months since mine came back, I’ve only just had it for the second time. It’s made me remember oh-SO-vividly that my Day Three, is actually Day Four. And let me just say, the Queen of Crankiness and General Sarcasmo Laden Cynicism are mine, all mine.

3. My post below had quite a fantastic diatribe that indicated the Day Four Queen of Crankiness. Then I attempted to use a keyboard shortcut for something basic, and wiped the lot. Which has prompted me to go to bed.