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Right. Rockstar review time. (For BlueMoon and others!)

Was I surprised Lukas won? No.

Was I surprised on the final two? Totally.

Does Toby have the potential to front this generation’s Cold Chisel. Oh yes.

I was of the mind that either Lukas or Toby would have done an awesome job and infact Dilana, if she wasn’t so high-maintenance and fucked-in-the-head could have as well. She had a rockin’ voice but dude, if what we saw on the show was a true reflection of her persona, that would have been a long hard slog for the most patient of musos regardless of their drug of choice.

My only thoughts re Lukas are would I really be able to sit through a whole gig of his frankenstein-with-epilepsy dancing style and his propensity to sound really strained the more intense he gets. Probably not. That’s in part for those reasons and also because I love the occassional rockin’ song but would probably never sit through an entire rock concert because it just becomes noise to my delicate ears…
Today is glorious.
We spent the morning out at the Flying Fox – we caught up with two lots of friends I hadn’t seen for 3 and 8 months respectively. My inlaws were out their with some of their friends, my step-mother came out with her three dogs and it was just lovely.
After a fantastic brekkie of corn and sweet potato fritters, rocket and chilli jam, we took the dogs for a walk around to the dog park. Off the leash, in the water, running around like maniacs, digging holes in the sand to then cover themselves in it all, children in the water, shorts off, legs wet, then undies, then the bottom of their shirts, then totally in the water.
There is something about the cusp of a new season that screams suck-in-deep-breaths-of-this-remarkable-life.

The boys are now all clean, fed, the littlest one sleeping, the others (there’s a playdate here as well) are playing like angels.

The Doodles are coming from dinner, the house is trashed and I haven’t started cooking anything.

The plan was Indian, but now it’s mussels and pasta as Chef ordered in some mussels, I found some sensational Sicilian olives and it’s all just easier in terms of time and preparation than Indian.

Blackbird, I’ll post my butter chicken recipe soon anyway so you know what I’m talking about!
All is right with the world.

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September 16th, 2006 at 4:53 pm

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