Jamie Oliver bocconcini marscapone and chilli salad

Jamie Oliver’s bocconcini, marscapone and chilli salad

  • bocconcini
  • marscapone
  • lemons – zest and juice
  • long red chillies – seeded and sliced finely into long thin strips
  • marjoram
  1. Rip the bocconcini into pieces
  2. Mix enough lemon juice through the marscapone to your preferred taste and season with some sea salt and freshly cracked pepper.
  3. Smear dollops of the marscapone over the bocconcini
  4. Scatter lemon rind, chilli and marjoram leaves over the top
  5. Serve with crusty bread and eat until your head falls off.


This weekend TOTALLY rocked. I had t.h.e. best weekend.

  1. Soccer was cancelled because of the rain – wooobloodyhoo!
  • We had a birthday brunch for my BIL – it was just great to hang with family and catch up.
  • Because of the weather, the Fox was quiet so Chef surprised us and arrived – and was home for the day.
  • We washed the dogs and had them inside for most of the day – and went to the petshop and bought a dog kennel that Chef now has to build and paint. Mwhahahaha. Expect to see photos of it here, when it’s finished, in probably 2008.
  • The Doyles came over for dinner – dinner being a loose term for catching up after they’d been back to the States for a month. None of us felt like eating that much, but we all sure felt like drinking.
    – So, I made up a few nibbles type dishes, Jen brought over the weirdest dip ever that – not unsurprisingly – tasted better as the night progressed.
    – The kids picked over it and ate leftover linguine and we just hung out.
    – So, seven bottles of wine later they all stayed the night.
    – Yep, them and their three kids. Hilarious.
    – It ended up with Me, Chef and our bigger boys in our bed, their youngest in Oscar’s, Jen in Felix’s, Oscar initially in the spare bed in Jasper’s room, their middle on a mattress in Jasper’s room, their eldest and Bri on the lounges.
    – There were a few bed changes throughout the night, but just like last weekend – I had my favourite thing – a house full of people for breakfast on a Sunday.
    – So, I cooked up bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, coffee and more coffee and we all just hung out.
  • Then today, I just mooched around with the kids. I did vacuum, but that was really it. No cleaning, no running around, just hung out.
  • For dinner tonight, I made fajitas.