You know, this afternoon one of my colleagues (who I just love and have a heap of professional respect for) and I went to the pub and over a glass of wine brainstormed the business. It was at my request and just to help get some stuff out of my head and talked through in terms of things I’d like to achieve over the next 6-12 months.
It was fantastic.
It made me realise just how ridiculous the last three months have been. To think I was back in blackdogland with a completely screwed reality and suicide daydreams. And in basically 35 days to have turned that around completely.
It blows me away.
It also highlights in bright neon colours just how stupid those people are who think depression is just some sort of indulgence and something you can just ‘snap’ out of. Idiots.

And then, I came home to discover Chef had gone all out and made the most delicious dinner – boned chicken stuffed with ricotta, herbs and pine nuts and roast veggies.

And once more I realise just how good my world is.