Goodbye grungy inner city, hello Wisteria Lane

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We bought this today:

Its name is Waltham (on an original brass plate, can you hear me squeal like a girl?). It means, in Ye Olde English: Forest Homestead. Take a close look at the greenery. Don’t you just love irony?

It is a 1920s not-quite-bungalow in a suburb only two galaxies away from this one. A suburb with Many Trees, and Parks, and Safe Footpaths upon which children may ride their bicycles. Unlike this suburb, that one has a wide range of high schools from which Pea Princess, Gorgeous Boy and Sparkle Twin may choose. The house has ducted air conditioning, a new and very beautiful renovation of Everything, including a new bathroom new kitchen and big living area.

Two of the three bedrooms have built-in wardrobes (can you tell I have been in the land of real estate copywriting for WAY too long?) and the third has a working fireplace and beautiful window seat.

The new house is on a very large block (room for a pool!) and has ample space for extending into the roof for the fourth bedroom/2nd bathroom. I make myself feel ever so slightly ill with how pleased we are to get this place.

Mind, I think we are more happy with the new place because of the tiny quarters in which we are currently living with our THREE children, ONE dog, TWO cats, FOUR fish and assorted bikes, books and laptops.

People who’ve always lived in the ‘burbs probably don’t like the slightly narrow nature of this place. They probably don’t like that there are neighbours quite so close on each side. They might not like that more than four (but less than 20) cars per hour go by that house.

They should spend a week or two in my house next door to the junkie drummer.

Things I am not looking forward to:

  • finding out how much junk we have managed to hide (and therefore have to scrap, sell or move) even in this tiny house
  • leaving my truly enormous magical Tardis pantry
  • finishing off all the jobs we couldn’t do for us, but we have to do now so we can have this house clear for a tenant (yes, we’re about to become property moguls; freaky, hmmm?)
  • leaving the Greek adopted-grandmamas down our street who have looked after us and our children here for nearly four years
  • facing up to the shocking proximity of a seven figure mortgage over both properties: it’s for the children, I keep telling myself, it’s for the long, long term…

Things I am looking forward to:

  • the Prof’s joy at being back on his home turf (he grew up a few blocks from here)
  • A big block with virtually no plants: heritage gardening, here I come
  • WINDOWS (as opposed to skylights)
  • the smell of mown grass
  • Installing a truly enormous, magical Tardis pantry
  • Having a humungous house warming party, just because we can.



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May 22nd, 2006 at 9:25 pm

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