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when you’re in a conversation, and you say, “oh a friend of mine said/did/had happen …” and someone – like your husband or a really good friend – says “who was that?” and you realise just how dumb you sound saying Badger, or Blackbird, or BabelBabe? but when you try to salvage your reputation from being one where people think you think you’re a modern day Dr Dolittle, and really can talk to the animals, you do more damage trying to explain they’re an online blogger friend without whom your day is not complete? so they think you’re either one of those people who have cybersex and really do use the Internet for free crap-arse porn or are a complete nigel-no-mates loser who doesn’t have any friends in real life so has to seek them out on the net. Yeah. Funny.

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April 11th, 2006 at 9:03 pm

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