Sometimes you realise you’ve already said the important stuff and all that’s left is to repeat it.

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If you read this before, then saw it had disappeared, then see it again… don’t be confused. I got embarrassed by my navel-gazing tone and took it down, then got an email from Kim about how she’d enjoyed it, and a comment from her on the post below asking where it had gone so I’ve decided to put it back up again. With reservations!

I’ve been thinking more about Kim’s confession post below and Pea Soup’s and about reading even more on Donkey Burger that Badger’s been dealing with and how I always struggle to say/write the right thing, you know?

Here’s me, with nothing more serious than the occasional domestic accident and an overloaded life brought about because I insisted on buying house in Sydney’s ridiculously expensive real estate market, and meantime all these other wonderful women hang around being really funny and blogging like crazy and engaging in random acts of kindness…

I mean, what can you say when every now and then they let on to a situation that would have your own pathetic self locked in a fetal position from here to eternity?

As a mother whose biggest issue has been coping with the fact that her eldest is too smart and won’t wear socks and two youngest happened to arrive together, it seems very introverted and shallow and dumb to dwell on the non-problem of avoiding sounding introverted, shallow and dumb to someone who really has qualified for the Parenting Big League.

And then I remembered that I’d kinda worked through this before and that some of the results of it were in this earlier post where I talked about how we came to be blogging together and how that post was a result of another very poignant posting here.

And so while I could blather on in that introverted, shallow, dumb way, really, the whole thing can be summed up in the final line from that earlier post.

Kim gives me hope in hope.

As does Pea Soup, and Badger, and all you other legendary mums out there.

I hope I would deal with the unfair and the unexpected as gracefully as you all have, but I really don’t think I would.

But if I ever have to, at least I have some pretty amazing examples to model myself upon.


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April 19th, 2006 at 2:54 pm

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