An Eagle tagges us for 10 simple pleasures

Miss Eagle is a relatively new acquaintance but I suggest you visit one of her excellent blogs because:

  • she has very beautiful magnolias at the top of her Trad Pad pages
  • she has two boys who grew to be more than two metres high
  • she successfully sewed a safari suit for a man she loved. We all have very special memories The Suit, yes? Mine involves my English head teacher in the summer time shorts version … Oh Vernon, where are you now?

Miss Eagle recently tagged the Kimster and me, but with all the travelling, hospitalling and Anzac biscuiting that’s been going on here lately, it’s taken a while to catch up (and don’t worry, you’re still going to get my Why Am I Suddenly In Dorrigo story, I just have to do this first).

The tag is for 10 Simple Pleasures, and I am certain I won’t be as eloquent as Miss Eagle, who brought a tear to the eye in her number 10.

1. Open fires – mesmerising and, if you have to have cold weather (which I secretly doubt) then an open fire is the best consolation around.

2. A goldfish in a pond, equally mesmerising and just as enjoyable in warm weather.

3. New mown grass: smell, look, feel.

4. Perfectly painted toe nails in summer sandals

5. Chanel No 5 for my birthday – always.

6. Cuddles in bed, from anyone except the dog because of her smelly feet and tendency to lick when over-excited.

7. Silly stories from my children. Actually – pretty much anything from my children but it would have been dull for others were I to list kiddy things for all 10.

8. A perfectly browned pastry crust emerging from the oven.

9. The feel of your tongue over newly cleaned teeth.

10. The smell of sheets coming in from the clothes line on a sunny afternoon.