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that when you pull your mouthguard out of your mouth in the morning and it is snapped in two, you really must clench and grind your teeth while sleeping.
how much you enjoy extended posts on a variety of topics by your blogging partner.
how our life could not exist as it currently does without the comprehensive assistance of my Mum and MIL.
As it stands, Mum is picking up both boys from two different schools three afternoons a week, getting them afternoon tea, doing a coaching of someone else’s child, getting them to do their homework and feeding them dinner. After she’s been at work all day as well. In front of a room of about 30 extraordinarily bright 12 year olds. And she’s 63.
My MIL is coming down to our place at least one morning a week to take Oscar (Felix goes to the school where Mum teaches, so he’s going with her about 4 mornings a week) and picking the boys up at least one afternoon a week for the same rigmarole detailed above.
the glorious change of season. I love seasonal change. At the moment we have the most glorious sunshine filled days, with a sky so blue I’ve been known to just stop, look up, and drink it in to restore my frazzled soul. But the air is crisp. The hideous humidity of February and March is gone and while the days are warmed by the sun, the evenings and nights are definitely cool. I am sleeping, under a doona, all night long. Except for nights like last night when I was up at 11.30, 1.30 and 4. But still, crawling back to bed and under a doona is so much nicer than collapsing on a sweat-damp sheet. You may have guessed I am a winter girl.
that for some bizarre reason, I quite like watching golf on the tele. I think it’s the genteelness of it all – the green green grass, the nicely dressed and respectable crowd, the quiet and considered commentary, the stillness of it all.

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April 9th, 2006 at 8:38 am

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