It’s Wednesday: I thought it was Tuesday: Is this a plus or a minus?

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So confused about time just now.

I seriously thought it was Tuesday today. All day. You know that feeling?

Of course, for some of you in the getting-up-later part of the world (yes, sorry, that includes America) it actually is still Tuesday. For that, I forgive you.

It wouldn’t be so bad except I sent out a couple of releases today with “will be opened tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd March) ” in them. So confused; so unwitting; so very, very confused.

None of the releases went statewide, or to metro journos, thank god. So I can count on the innate insecurity of any regional/local journos to ring me if they are confused about dates.

Sometimes it’s good to have so much experience that you can predict how other people will help you cover for your fuck-ups.

Sometimes it just makes me more tired.


The thing is.

When I am doing multiple 12 and 16 hour days I expect to get confused about where I am in the week. Hell, I expect to get confused about whether I’m going to bed or just getting up — several times a year. But the adrenaline rush makes up for that.

Just now, however, I’m not particularly over-worked, just mildly out of my comfort zone.

Between you and me: a secret? I think I’m just getting seriously old.

So, dear internets, do me a favour and keep reminding me what day it is, OK?

Preferably, in my own time zone.

But I know you’ll do your best.


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March 22nd, 2006 at 9:10 pm

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