Thursday Thirteen 2

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Thirteen Thursday
13 things I love

  1. My children – seeing my Oscar step up to the plate every single day, watching my Felix discover the world around him and ask (constantly) about it, watching the wonderment on the face of Jasper at every single thing
  2. My husband – who loves me no matter what. Who, when many years ago I wrote a list of about 13 things I wanted from our relationship he wrote one: more sex. Who makes me laugh every day. Who finds my wobbly body and all its imperfections absolutely perfect. Who loves his kids so much it can make him cry.
  3. Our life. Sure, we are absolutely skint at the moment, sure, we don’t live in our own house, sure, there are things I would love, but when I look around the dinner table at our family or see the boys playing on the floor or outside, see them talking and fussing over Jasper or just watching TV and destroying their brain development, my happiness is infinite.
  4. Couscous
  5. Sirena Pesto Tuna
  6. Shoes – heeled, flat, patent, matt.
  7. Bonds baby clothes
  8. Southerly busters
  9. Peach crumble
  10. Leona Edmiston – her frocks (which one day, I will own at least one of), her glasses frames, which will soon grace my face.
  11. Pazzo – where we haven’t been for over a year and that I physically ache for
  12. fresh figs
  13. cherries
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