A Sydney Saturday in Summer Sunshine

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Sorry to come over all alliterative but today The Prof did one of those things he does when I am being particularly foul – he took the children out all day. It happens from time to time, usually just when I need to be reminded that he is a significantly better person than I am, and always will be.

So today I did, well not much really but I did it in peace and summer sunshine, as follows:

Smelled my new gardenias…

Washed and hung out lots of sheets and quilt covers to soak up the sun …

Hung out under the orange tree…

Re-oiled the new chair …

And bought tomatoes and put them in my favourite bowl, then ate them with goat’s fetta and herbs from the garden for lunch.

And then they came home, having stayed away just long enough for me to start missing them.



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February 11th, 2006 at 5:43 pm

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